Triple B Cowboy Challenge


Dates: March 16 – March 17, 2024

Location: Exchange Park 9850 Highway 78, Ladson, SC  29456

Triple B Cowboy Challenge Passes

General Admission (6 and older) March 16th – Valid for 1 entry on March 16th only.  $25 plus $2.25 convenience fee.

General Admission (6 and older) March 17th – Valid for 1 entry on March 17th only.  $25 plus $2.25 convenience fee.

Camper and RV Show (Included with General Admission) – $5 plus $1.25 convenience fee.

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The Saddle Bronc contestant’s objective is to achieve a fluid ride that demands strength but also style and laser focused attention on the Bronc beneath him. The cowboys score is equally dependent upon his performance as well as the Broncs ability to earn a winning score. Since the early 1900’s this event has been considered the “Classic” cowboy event!


The Bull Riding, predictably one of the most exciting and physically demanding events requires a physical prowess unlike any other sport today. It has long been considered one of the most dangerous sports in America

To climb on to the back of an animal that is one ton of solid muscle and mass with cat like reflexes, demands  the courage and coordination of a unique and talented individual.

The risks are obvious, but today’s cowboys love of the Sport and respect for their livestock counter parts are what has grown this event to an all time highest fan rating.


Cowgirl’s Barrel Race is an event that competes against the clock. Each cowgirl completes a cloverleaf pattern around three barrels. Should you knock down a barrel, you are penalized a 5 second penalty per barrel that is hit. Each Barrel Racer is clocked by an electric eye and timed to the hundredth of a second to determine the winning times. Known to be the most fast paced event in the arena, it’s always an exciting race for fans of all ages.


The Bare Back Bronc riding is somewhat of a contrast from the Saddle Bronc riding, with judges looking for a wilder and less controlled posture. Both Bronc Riding events require technical skills and precise timing to make a qualified 8 second ride atop a bucking horse that explodes into the arena with enough power to easily eject a 165 pound cowboy.

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